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We all grow Differently

'Different' is underrated.

Different is shamed as weird, uncool or just incorrect.

It bothers me when such negativity thrives, especially when 'different' is the answer to all our problems!

Difference can create an argument, which leads to questions, questions that need to be asked for us to think wisely.

Difference can create a perfect balance in nature, this balance keeps the earth stable and our lives uniquely powerful.

Difference is the reason we all have evolved so beautifully, yet not the same.

The life we are given cannot be compared.

The life we make out of it cannot be compared.

Our experiences are vivid.

Our growth cannot be alike.

And that makes us unique, uniquely beautiful.

We all think, love, fight, care, feel differently. We all do grow differently.


This t-shirt design illustrates our lives, represented by each different flower.

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1 Comment

Kiran Jadhav
Kiran Jadhav
Jun 19, 2021

Amazing 🌱

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